Heat-Gard Non-Electric Radiator Thermostats Keep a Heating System Comfort Balanced.

Cold Spots? Overheating?

Put Taco Heat-Gard on your radiator!

Proved Reliability:
Non-Electric Radiator Thermostats have been used successfully throughout the world for years. They’ve proven to be the most simple, reliable way to prevent energy waste and reduce heating costs. At the same time they ensure individual room comfort. They sense changes in temperature and automatically increase the flow of heat in response to a temperature drop or automatically decrease it in response to a temperature rise.

Savings of 20-25% on Heating Costs:
In old buildings with inefficient heating systems, savings of 20% or more are possible. Federal studies show that Non-Electric Radiator Thermostats offer the most cost effective way to improve heating efficiency, especially in large buildings.

Short Payback Time:
Because Heat-Gard is non-electric, it is relatively inexpensive to install and operate. A low-cost Heat-Gard on every radiator is the most reliable way to update an old heat-guzzling system economically.

How Heat-Gard Works:
Because Heat-Gard has few moving parts and uses no electricity, you can count on long life and reliable performance. It works by sensing the room temperature and expanding on contracting to reduce or increase the heat flow through the valves. This unit is so precise that temperature can be maintained to an accuracy of ± 1°F. Obviously, Heat-Gard can only be installed on hot water or steam systems – with a supply and return from each unit.

Easy to Service - has Removable Cartridge Feature:
The Heat-Gard valve is made so that the complete cartridge can be replaced without draining the system, by use of a special in-line cartridge changer. This is a great advantage for hospitals, schools and nursing homes where disruptions of a heating system can cause tremendous problems. For large public buildings and schools, there is even a vandal-resistant Heat-Gard to prevent unwarranted tampering with heat settings.